All products that are commercially successful would had the consumer in mind at one point or another. Designs have added value when it can be traded and has impacted on the consumer market, even if it already has artistic merit and may not be bought and sold as would a commodity. A enviable and attractive project in this sense attract investments because of their commercial potential, and in due course attain marketability, and intrinsic value or quality. Capital and creativity and good design alone cannot promise commercial success. Design is the new currency of the next generation and must be tailored to meet the ever changing cultural and demographic pattern of consumers, as reported recently in India. Social behaviour affects the long term investments that design companies will make. Ultimately this implies that branding companies will soon look at demography studies as an important element in the development strategy of their products.



3 thoughts on “commodity

  1. maria

    thank you for comments, its been a ling wile since i have had time to revel on these matters, i have since also started to migrate my work to http://www.huatlim.blogspot.com, somewhere in there we find deliberations on designs and marketability of ideas, and social cultural references to our work.

    huatlim at gmail dot com

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