Designs that offer opportunities for Client interaction and public intervention are adaptive, responsive and therefore humane in spirit and intents. Buildings like any other fomrs of art, might indeed acquire features not unlike an interactive or generative art. Such is called the concept of choice in design, meaning the proposal is dynamic and is malleable or has dependencies on the end user. The product develops with time and activity and morphs into an acceptable form once it reaches maturity or is settled with after use or integration with a programme for its functionality.

A rigid and inadequate design failing to meet the changing needs of the client [change is the only constant in life] may soon see its end, thereby inheriting a very much shorter lifespan or shelf life. Timeless building designs are dynamic, they respond favourably and effectively to change and offer choices for the public at large, accomodating additions and modifications over time, such like features as their internal planning changes and upgrading of built-in facilities or external cladding materials and comfort and environmental sytems.



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