All sketches are prepared very rapidly [ball-point pens are the best] mostly to lock in an idea, and to extract from the mind any thought as early as possible and bring this into the project, often as soon as the brief or the site is known and the brief has been assessed. Most often these are then used to guide the next steps, and phases of work thereby establishing the framework for design development. Sketches and first cut drawings can take up anything from five minutes [sometimes within a minute] to about five hours, but rarely more than a day’s worth to settle.

“God created paper,” Aalto wrote, “for the purpose of drawing architecture on it. Everything else is, at least for me, an abuse of paper.”

Unlike computer aided drawings, I find sketches to be much more immediate, and readily presentable and accessible to consenting colleagues and learned Clients alike and they can be rendered very quickly making their way into my projects very early into the scheme, particularly if I have an impatient Client or if time happens to be of the essence to the contractual relationship.

I keep my sketches mainly as record, and I go back frequently to them to review and assess the work in hand right up until the detail design phase. For Duyong [latest restaurant design] the application using initial sketches are obviously very direct and spontaneous.

Thereafter we explore threeD models, the aar centre is our latest venture, artisitc directions similar and a close relative to the challengepark project.



19 thoughts on “caricatures

  1. take a closer look at aarcentre and challengepark projects, to detect the artisitc direction currently explored by zlgdesign


  2. HuatLim!

    it’s been quite a decade that we last met.. i’d conferred two dtukship.. 1st by a cina dolly grandbaby – adrienna aneesa 2nd from emrandanial, my latest grandson..

    of late, a very tantalising project crop-up.. this one needed to have your touch.. no one else but you.. it’s to dome-up at least a mile high of an old but very significant habitat in kl city centre.. much to download to you.. so let’s meet-up! be it @yr studio/limo or even @d’airport if you’re flying out…

    i’ll be around at yr earliest call/sms/email..


  3. I am most impressed by your body of work and the multi-faceted website. It is brilliant to ‘see’ such persuasive skills in generating end products that you do especially in a place like Malaysia.

    I am desperately trying to find out more about Huat Lim and his (foreign?) partners- ZLG. Can you tell me more about yourself and the other partner(s) please?


  4. Hi..

    Any idea when is the skatepark at Challenge park completed? And who’s design they were using? Pa;Din of Climax, Convic Australia, Tim Altic of Altec ….concreate or wood with metal plates? Thanx


  5. the design for the skate facilities is undertaken by local specialist Patrick who runs the unit at bandar utama under the name of Camp 5.

  6. Jesus Christ there is a great deal of spammy comments on this site. Have you ever before believed about attempting to get rid of them or installing a extension?

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