Possibly the most renown school of architecture, at least in the UK and one of the oldest, but most definitely the most revered and respected, the AA has some of the very best architects teaching there, and the students are wide ranging in terms of their background, coming from different corners of the world and today they continue to attract speakers, designers, thinkers and theorists from everywhere, and from all walks of life for their iconic and often legendary evening public lectures. The most intriguing fact is how it has managed to survive its historic character to retain the mixed cultural and intellectual following, and the broad way in which architecture is taught, primarily unit system and the dissemination of knowledge and experience through unique discourse. truly an experience for any one who steps into the 150 year old institution. Amongst the best remembered teachers at the time, Zaha Hadid, Ron Herron, sir peter cook, the imitable late dr. gordon pask, rem koolhaas, elia zenghelis and david chipperfied. The AA is located in Bedford square, facing a beautiful circular garden and within it, Ching’s yard where coffee is served and the party is held at the end of each summer.

Photo credit: architectural association publications


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