There’s Einstein’s maxim that says “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler”. We think architecture and designs generally should be functional but there are moments when decoration and embellishments may add value to it, as to make an emotional connection, or to enhance the experience of the audience. Gehry’s “spectacle” falls under this category, as with works that shock or surprise.

We believe however that a balance is the best approach, for indeed a work that is so minimal that it is devoid of any personality, might as well be left to the uninitiated to deliver and consume. The k-i-s-s principle therefore has its limitations, but it defies designs that are mere and superficial decorations lacking any purpose or function.

The attached image is one of our projects for the famous monsoon cup restaurant embellished in fishery and boat architecture and the inspiration drawn largely from the aquatic and boat building culture that is east malaysia.



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