The story of the rocket man is told to reflect on processes and logistics, as to the importance of having a checklist. For all intents and purposes, it is told to illuminate the young mind, on why the man who went to the moon never made it back with evidence, because the key was forgotten, and had been left behind, or indeed it was assumed that it was with the other chap, and the other chap thought the other chap had it. So rocket man did go the moon but he couldn’t get out of the capsule. He didn’t have a checklist, and didn’t use one before he launched himself into space.

We have other stories as well, but the one to set a direction for the office is best illustrated through our white water rafting tale.

Photo credits: http://www.marsdaily.com

More stories on www.zlgdesign.com


2 thoughts on “rocket man

  1. the story of rocket man and others continue to inform our internal systems for how we wish to proceed with our methods, eventually making up elements of a philosophical ideal for us- we have but the story of white water rafting which tells how to proceed numerously but with a single vision.

  2. if you like these stories have been used for management actually…they are like parables…illustrations- used for aligning philosophies…ideals-


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